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Dento Teki means Traditional


Kyokushinkai means The Ultimate Truth


Karate means Open Hand


This website will give you a brief description of what Kyokushin is and why it is the best!


With so many styles out there, it is hard for the beginning student to make a decision as to which style is the right one to choose. With only a few kicks, punches and blocks being the same, few of these styles resemble each other at all! A majority of this confusion has been caused by the overnight, and most often unqualified, sensei.


Only through a long hard process are you allowed to attain the coveted rank of Nidan. (2nd degree blackbelt) This is usually the required rank to begin instructing in Kyokushin. Although some Shodans are allowed to teach. Not ALL Nidans become instructors! This provides the student with TOP quality instruction and keeps Kyokushin as traditional to the original as possible.


It is almost impossible for any martial arts "system" that exists today, to be as pure and complete as the original. Many systems attempt to remain traditional in their efforts, usually only teaching and practicing one aspect of the original (i.e. karate, jujitsu, aiki-jitsu, ken-jitsu, etc.) whereas the original school would have practiced ALL of these, while "specializing" in one. The (International) Traditional Karate Kyokushinkai teaches only that which is authentic, along with traditional methods and attitudes. We are primarily a japanese "style" with some influence by the Shorinji points and circles.

Please feel free to use our message board below to ask any questions or leave us a message!!

Mas Oyama (our founder)

Ranking Structure

Class Pictures


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